Electronics Hardware

FTDI FT2232H USB to UART/MPSSE/JTAG Breakout Board

The FTDI FT2232H Hi-Speed Dual USB UART/FIFO Breakout Board provides a variety of standard serial and parallel interfaces: Asynchronous UART JTAG I2C SPI Parallel FIFO The board includes two linear regulators offering either 3.3V or 2.5V IO. An on-board Serial EEPROM stores custom USB descriptors, VID/PIDs and configurations. Design Files Design


Microchip RN2903 LoRa Transceiver Breakout Board

A breakout board for Microchip’s series of LoRa transceiver modules: RN2483 fully-certified 433/868 MHz Module (Europe) RN2903 fully-certified 915 MHz Module (North America, Australia) The RN2483/RN2903 LoRa modules contain a Microchip PIC18LF46K22 MCU with a Semtech SX1276 radio transceiver and is intended as a complete certified solution with LoRaWAN Class A protocol stack and


ML2032 Coin Cell Charger

This design is intended to recharge Maxell ML2032 Lithium Manganese Dioxide rechargeable coin cell batteries with a nominal voltage of 3.0V. These are ‘special’ coin cell batteries designed specifically as a rechargeable secondary cell. It is not recommended to attempt to recharge a primary CR2032. These cells have not be


RAK833/RAK2247 LoRaWAN Concentrator

This board is a Raspberry PI Hat for the RAK833/RAK2247 LoRa Concentrator Gateway Modules. The RAK2247 is improved version of the RAK833 with better heatsinking, a boost in the maximum transmission power and improved interference immunity. Both are a smaller version of the popular RAK831. The RAK831 is larger, about


12V 7Ah SLA Low Voltage Disconnect

The 12V 7Ahr “alarm” battery is still a safe, dependable choice for stationary back-up supplies, running items such as LED lighting or modem/routers. Using two Keystone 3571 female PCB terminals, this PCB assembly attaches directly to the terminals of a 12V 7AH SLA Battery (with 4.75mm spade terminals) and provides a low voltage